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Dragontail Ornament
Priests Tanking
Takuya - July, 16th

We wanted a change from the usual "tank-keel" setup and decided to let our priests tank today. It was great fun ... so funny even that Instructor Razuvious dropped dead laughing his ass off. Good job everyone!

Girdle of the Mentor
Desecrated Boots

IMBA Raidday
Takuya - June, 26th

Today was the most successful day in all of Incomings history - with not less than 3 guild first kills on one day!

We started working on Taerar in the afternoon with a little more than 20 peeps online. After some nice attempts (and one odd lag/bug) we moved on to Lethon who also got tweaked in the new patch like the other Emerald Dream Dragons. In the end he fell to our battle arts. Afterwards we zerged Emeriss and got back to Taerar again, killing his multiple personality aswell.

We continued the evening in Silithus with some bug-busting and slime-cracking on Viscidus, now that many got their new 1.11 NR gear. On our last attempt for that night he finally splattered his gibberglibber slime all over us without reassembling again.

Conclusion: It was hard work and an exhausting raidday but every second was worth the effort. Awesome job everyone !

P.S.: Dragon kill shots will follow soon

Twin Emps Dead
Takuya - June, 18th

After weeks and weeks of hard work, farming buffs and learning the encounter we finaly downed the Twin Emperors with the last attempt on tonights raid. Gratz all for this awesome job !

Video from 12% downwards

Huhuran p0wned
Takuya - May, 2nd

Huhuran was a real bitch when we wiped two times on 1% and two times on 4% last week. However, our extensive preparations have been rewarded today when she went down on our second try. Twin Emps, here we come !!!

P.S.: We did MC in ~140 minutes yesterday, new record for us *yay*

Fankriss beaten
Takuya - Mar, 20th

That guy seriously gave us a hard time. After wiping at 1% with the wrong tactic we needed a pretty long phase to find the working tactic on this fight. But well, finally it's beaten and nowadays it can even be soloed by a hunter alone as you can see ...

Ossirian Down
Takuya - Mar, 10th

Tonight Incoming ripped Ossirian the Unscarred apart. Good work everybody, we mastered AQ20 a lot faster than Zul'Gurub. Now kill C'thun :)

BattleguarD Sartura
Takuya - Mar, 3rd

Wee, one day later and Sartura is down - another Horde first ftw. Screenshot coming soon aswell.

Prophet Skeram &
Lord Kri, Princess Yauj and Vem Down
Takuya - Mar, 2nd

Ahn'Qiraj is open for some weeks now and we jumped right into it, dumping MC into a dusty corner for the next time. After some wiping and learning the first big squishies were beaten by Incoming tonight. Screenshots coming soon.

Nefarian Down
Takuya - Jan, 10th

After some very nice tries on Nefarian the days before, we finally brought the Lord of Blackrock down tonight. Everybody put so much freaking work into this achievement, and it's time to thank all you guys!! I'm very proud of you all ... and still shaking a lil bit :)

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